hi little kid

victimized by the indonesian earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

hi tony pierce!

how old are you?

im two.

tell us what happened to you.

big fucking earthquake, big fucking tidal wave, big fucking tree hit my big fucking head.

i know youre probably hopped up on goofballs but how about taking it easy on us with the language.

95. bloopy

sorry tony thats how they fucking talk here.

the talk like that in thailand?

they talk like that here in fucking phucket thailand. it’s awesome. sorta wish i could enjoy it though.

why cant you enjoy it?

fucking tidal wave took my fucking parents away.

well whats their names, i’ll find em for you.

im two. i dont know their fucking names.

ok, well whats your name.

fuck if i know.



do you miss em?

the bash against the tree cleared my two year old fucking memory. i dont even fucking know what they look like. you could be my mommy for all i fucking know.

ive been accused of stranger things.

fuck it.

so hey. what are your plans now? like what are you planning on doing tomorrow?

well, if im not sitting here crying because im fucking orphaned and homeless i was thinking about seeing the rerun of your appearance on the Screen Savers on G4TV.

7pm ET + 4pm PT

they got that out there?

G4TV is broadcast in over 50 million homes around the fucking world.

no shit

fuck yeah.

well thats cool. so, good luck with whatever youre doing over there victimized little kid.

thanks tony,later

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