it’s pouring sheets of rain here in LA today.

so all the newscasters are on full blown extra special Storm Watch mode.

omg it’s raining here in the valley, some dude in a eddie bauer rain coat is saying in a microphone

omg it’s raining here in hollywood, some chick in a paddington bear yellow rain coat is saying in her microphone

omg a tree just fell on top of three Land Rovers here in brentwood, some dude is yelling into his microphone

and then theres the traffic reports: omg theres traffic!

omg someone got stuck under an overpass!

omg somebody else got stuck under the same overpass — people if you dont need to be outside please dont go outside, the reporter in her all-weather gear preaches to the working world,

even though, infact shes outside telling us that its raining.

i want to shake my tv and say, not everyone flies chopper one for the xbi and got the day off because you cant really fly on such an f’ed up day! some people work for a livingm, lady!

im thinking about tidying up for my maid who will hopefully be here on thursday.

im thinking about writing a book called “how to keep your bitches in line”

im thinking about going to the doctor

im thinking about going to the cinema

im thinking about watching regis.

as much as i complain about work, i do miss it on days like today where there is crime out there, just far less of it, but superheroes shouldnt care about quanity, if you can crack one crook over the head youve made a difference.

im thinking about having lunch with miss montreal but shes at her mamas house in miami.

im thinking about reading some of the many books that santa brought down my chiminey.

im thinking about you.

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