six minutes with tony

ok i have six minutes before my next meeting and then im booked for pretty much the rest of the day so lets rock.

last night karisa and i went to the best sushi place in LA, kanpai in westchester, and she wore these super hot shoes. they were so hot she was glowing. at first i thought it was cuz she was with me, but nope. shoes.

our waiter is this guy named peter who is sorta famous. any time you read a review abotu kanpai they talk about three things: how great the food is, how expensive the food is, and peter and how he makes it all worth it.

for some reason he always recognizes me and never seems to recognize karisa. she refreshed his memory and said hi i come here almost every week with my boyfriend. peter looked at me and said, i thought he (pointing at me) was your boyfriend.

bro knows how to get a big tip, thats for sure.

but back to me. when i had a huge afro i thought that was the reason that people would remember me. once jeanine and i went to rosarito (before they started murdering people) when we were first falling in love. then we went back a year later. crazy ass motel man looked at me before i even handed over any ID and was all “wow, you havent been here in a long time!”

secretly i prefer to lay low and stay under the radar, and i always thought hanging out with beautiful women like karisa and jeanine would help me in that quest, but alas its not working.

maybe i should start wearing pants.

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