its ali millers 25th birthday

a quarter century down the tubes

jk. ali is a great friend who i miss very much because she now works on the wesssside and i dont get to see her smiling face every day when she used to work with me here at the Times.

i first met Ali at a bbq i was hosting for LAist. she was a new blogger for us and when she got to the bbq i believe she had a crop top shirt on and i was all, i think you want the party across the street.

she said tony? i said yes? she said im ali. i was all omfg.

ali and i have seen some pretty cool shows together. weezer, soul asylum, jayz + eminem. so fun!

ali and sarah and i used to go to lunch all the time together, and i miss that

but what i will really be sad about is if ali gets her dream job overseas which obvs we want her to have but secretly we will miss her long time.

but tonight we can celebrate her birth.

with drink.

and lovely thoughts.