a brilliant man once said

“great life, crappy blog. boring life, great blog”

i guess my crappy life has gotten so much more lively because there is so much i havent shared with you. including the answers to ask tony, which i am dreadfully tardy in delivering, but first lemme tell you this, especially my canadian friends

firstly i heart you all. especially those of you who do not have the joy of celebrating an American Thanksgiving with us tomorrow.

one of the coolest things about this season in the US is we get half days on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. that would mean that today. that would me that i get off in just a few hours.

and since here in Los Angeles it’s going to crack 80 degress, that would mean that today i will take my truest to a sushi lunch and then maybe go to the beach and take off my shirt because as tom waits sings i look good without a shirt.

not Putin good, but im getting there.

so what am i thankful for this year? you and you and you and you and this and you and you.