i see a lot of hookers out there

when i jog.

you might notice one or two when youre driving, but when youre right there on foot theres way more than youd think.

i think is the economy that bad?

but then i think but what about their customers? isnt the economy bad for everyone?

i almost get hit by cars when i run at night.

its dangerous but it keeps your mind off being exhausted, running for no good reason.

theres this mechanic in my neighborhood. i used to take my car there all the time.

most of the cars theyd work on were amazing lowriders and other classic american sedans and convertibles.

then one day out of the blue they have no cars in the lot, not even the old ancient fire truck. and as time goes on we learn that they went out of business for some reason.

today i saw a for lease sign on the garage door.

this is a place that was around for 20 years and then one day it just closes up without any farewell party or any hoo ha of any sort whatsoever?

all the cars just left the lot, sold or otherwise, including a damn fire truck and there wasnt any notice, plea for help, or murder scene?

just one day vibrant and thriving, next day poof gone.

i am both bewildered, and im impressed.

ive dated girls so loud that every step of the way out of the door something was announced to the world.

omg its so bright out. omg its so hot. hey should we bring waters? etc.

how these people moved out a dozen cars, trucks, and equipment for 12 bays, without a whisper is admirable.

clearly the work of ninjas.