nothing makes me happier

than hearing about former LAisters moving up in the world

First we have Adam Rose who was the LAist Sports Editor under my watch who then jumped over to the LA Times before even i did, and did such a great job that he didnt ruin it for the rest of us. Adam originally wrote the USC blog for the Times, then wrote both the UCLA and USC blogs. Then when we merged those blogs over to the Fabulous Forum he focused on video and other skillz.

Today I am proud to announce that he’s been picked up by the Huffington Post to manage their homepage during primetime and later.

Then we have Ms. Brooke Burek who i recruited for LAist who then jumped over to Metromix and now works on Brand X and the Homicide Report. Yesterday we launched a Holiday Gift Guide blog that she will helm.

Internally called The Shopping Blog, it will inform our readers of great deals, sales, specials, during the holiday season. It will also have an ongoing spotlight called “What Recession?” which will highlight totally extravagant gift ideas (like greeting cards that cost $150 for a 10-pack).

You can find that blog at