saw john fogerty last night at the kodak with my man kemp

the power of Amazon’s mp3 specials is that one day i saw that they were giving away Fogerty’s new country record with the Blue Ridge Rangers for $3 or $2 or something ridic like that so i went for it.

when a guy writes as many classic tunes as Fogerty has (“who’ll stop the rain”, “proud mary”, “lookin out my backdoor”, “hey tonight”, “rockin all over the world”, “travelin band”, “suzie q”, etc) you should pay them $3 every time they come out with a new cd.

anyways i love the new music and when it came time to see him in concert it was a no brainer for me because id never caught his show.

however once when i was driving around america a few years ago i found myself in a lonesome motel whose carpets were so dirty i laid out towels on the floor so i could walk from the bed to the bathroom without the fear of athletes foot from hell, or worse, scurvy.

i had gotten a few beers from the nearby liquor store and turned on the tv and there was Fogerty doing an Austin City Limits episode and it was just one hit after the other and the thing that stunned me was ol boy was doing each and every solo.

they werent mind altering shreds but they were good enough.

which made me wonder last night why he’d feel the need to have so many backup guitarists.

i say it was for this photo.

yesterday the hollow trees played the Chandler Auditorium

here at the Times

it was my first time ever seeing them even though theyve been around for five years.

thats what sort of friend i am.

yesterdays broadcast / live stream was really a dress rehearsal slash test to see if we could bring a band to the building, film them with three cameras, get the audio mix right, be able to switch between the cameras in a semi professional way, get the lighting right, get the load in and load out right, and stream it through our music blog.

working with a band as easy going and professionally prepared as the Hollow Trees made it a lot easier than working with strangers, so my hats off to Gregory Hollow Tree and the band because it could have been an afternoon of drama but instead it was a walk in the park.

everything worked out well except for yrs truly who had a brain fart while holding the mic for the interview section (something i didnt do very well) but, you know, it was practice!

not sure who the next band is, but the original idea is to have a gameplan so that if bands want to pop into the Times, they can get interviewed and play for us for about an hour and we can stream it through the music blog. the goal is to have these lil concerts at lunch time so that people who eat in front of their computers at work can have something cool to watch / listen to, for the low low price of free.

loving my job is nothing new, but yesterday was a complete joy because this was all pulled off beautifully. much thanks to the Trees and Michael McGehee who organized all the small details.