my mom asked if i had a picture with paul shaffer

when i interviewed him last month

sadly i am rarely so prepared.

how is it friday already? where does time go? was this a short week for you too? its crazy.

today i think im going to the horse track after work. tomorrow i think im going to a birthday party. and sunday i think im seeing a movie.

last night i ran about 4 miles. and what i loved about it was i tried this new iPhone app (whose name escapes me right now) that told me i ran 3.88 miles, at 4 mph. is that good? i also did it in 52 minutes. that cant be good.

but the best part was it showed me on a Google Map where i ran.

so many people are all, damn i wish i lived in the 50s or damn i wish i lived in the 1800s.

i am so glad i live right now, and im this age, and im doing this thing.

right down to – im so grateful that i get to write this post to all of you right now today on a friday morning before work.

had lunch with some very interesting people today

one of the dudes invented google news.

we didnt shake hands because we were about to eat lunch and

nowadays do you really wanna shake hands with a stranger

right before youre about to eat a burger?

i was eating salad.

and im sure my orange juice looked suspicious.

because of the lack of introduction,

i didnt even know he had invented google news

until about two hours after lunch.

funny how things work out that way.