know why shes my truest?

cuz i was all lets go see the michael jackson movie

and she was like no.

i was all come on.

flipped open the paper and saw that the new downtown theatre had it playing on all screens. which meant that all day and all night, every 10 minutes there was another showtime.

coincidentally the theatre is owned by the company, AEG, who was going to fund the tour, but then ended up with the documentary concert film so why not show it on all of your screens as you open the doors to your cinemas. i wouldnt be surprised if one of those theatres shows that thing through the end of the year.

the movie was fine. i was surprised by how well he sang live. shocked that he was singing at all. i thought dancers had to lip synch.

guess not the great ones.

but best of all was she liked it. and teared up a few times, she reports.

which is very strange because i tear up for the lamest reasons at the movie. like early in die hard 2 when the plane filled with people crashed.

i was sobbing like a damn baby: ITS NOT FAIR!

but i didnt cry at This is It. i was just really fascinated, and sad that hes still not around because at 50 years old he was not just keeping up with some amazing dancers, but he was creaming them.

so to speak.

after we drank fancy beers and rode the subway home.

still recovering from halloween

possibly because omg danielle was there???

my favorite costumed attendee to the kcrw masquerade was Zohan:

the scary twins were scary:

tom cruise risky business and farmer guy were scary (good thing it was 75 degrees on sat nite)

oscar the grouch was movin in on the ladies:

sea wolf dressed up and were amazing

but the stars of the show, obvs was the truest and omg danielle

glad we made it out alive!