black friday

the day after thanksgiving, for some reason, is the day everyone goes ape-ish and runs out to the stores in the early morning and spends all their loot on crap they really didnt want (or else theyd have by now). and then they brawl.

some stores were open at 4am and earlier.

we were gonna think about waking up early cuz some places had bigass tvs for as low as $450 – AMERICAN.

didnt wake till 930am, then didnt get outta the bed till noon.

she went her way i went mine and you know the only people who complain that i dont have a tv in my living room are the girls who actually love the bedroom, they just like to front.

went to get my oil changed. passed by a place that said they accept competitors coupons, turned out they didnt. so of course i called them all liars. to their face.

this didnt end well. and i was surrounded by guys a head shorter than me, but they all had wrenches in their hands and evil scowls. of course i had a pocketful of insults for them including ones based on reading skills (as they had signs everywhere talking about price matching, etc.)

but we decided to part ways amicably.

went to Midas. they said sure we will accept this coupon for an oil change and a tire rotation. half hour later they were all whoah woah WOAH. and now i have an estimate for $1,200 to fix the oil leaks, the broken axel, and the desparate need for an oil change.

looks like there will be no tv in the living room this christmas, which is just fine with moi.