abrasivist was nice enough to take a picture

of himself reading americas new favorite self published blook, how to blog.

if you too have pics of you reading your copy, feel free to email it to busblog at gmail dot com and i will put it on the blog too

and link yr ass.

you know it’s good luck to have this book dont you?

oh yeah.

some say if you rub it on your bald spots you will grow hair.

some claim that they are sending their copies to the middle east to spread world peace.

your mileage may vary.

but i hear the lakers all bought a copy after they found out the heat all bought copies and secretly say that it is the reason for their 8-game winning streak.

all i gotta say is it cured my athletes foot.

and im slightly taller now.

in other news i sent my buddy ken layne the link to the blog that we discussed this weekend ganked my shit. he sent me back an email laughing saying, “no wonder they’re hiding that mess.”

its nice to have friends.

come back a little later today when we will have an email from our girl karisa who writes us from the frozen tundra of new england.

abrasivist + if it seems like im linking raymi a lot its cuz she blogs alot + krix

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