chris c. writes in to applaud me

for not wanting to get it on with my good friend karisa. chris needs to hold his applause.

i am a man and she is definitely a woman. and quite attractive. attractive in a way that most cameras fail to capture. karisa’s also attractive in ways that photography could never document. shes smart, funny, talkative, free, open, wild, handy, booksmart, streetsmart, musicsmart, adventurous, magical, and has great taste in automobiles.

with that said, not every excellent girl is the right girl for every boy.

karisa loves to be out and about. she runs up giant hills, dances at hollywood clubs, drinks at dive bars, drives to vegas, and hang glides when it’s not too windy.

me, i like to sit at home with my shirt off and click through the innernet or watch television.

i like rum, she likes champagne.

she and i might be super excellent friends, but it wasn’t a match made in xxx heaven.

when i was younger and more idealistic i used to think that all it took was desire and any girl could slightly change to fit my needs, or that i could change if only she would give me the chance.

but as ive grown ive seen that that’s not what people should do.

the Good Lord has given us millions and millions of possibilities just in this city of angels. why try to change someone who is perfectly excellent already? and why would you change if you’re pretty good yourself? why not accept the priceless gift of friendship and camaraderie and be grateful to have someone around who likes to go places with you and doesn’t mind hanging out on your couch a lot either?

the babes who want to sit at home and bang you when they’re not on the computer or trying on new lingerie will come knocking soon enough. trust me they will. they’re out there, of course they are, do the math.

i have met girls who i don’t think would make great girlfriends for me but we had an uncontrollable animal magnetism where we had to rip each others clothes off immediately and get down to business.

i have met girls who i liked to talk with on the phone, and then in real life there was no lust connection, but who would make great friends.

then ive met girls who i neither wanted to bang or bond with who could make the cover of any magazine around.

and ive also met girls who’s hearts were so irresistible that i didn’t care that they weren’t into me, or that i wasn’t into them, i knew it was right and i was pulled in like the tractor beam in Galga.

and a scarce few times i have met a young woman who was just as much into me, in every way, as i was into her. and our likes and dislikes matched, and our astrology matched, and our wants and needs matched, and gabriel blew his horn, and rip taylor threw his confetti, and the skies parted and the naked cherubs floated down strumming their harps while the spirits tossed rose petals.

in my 108 years, those spectacular matchups have happened 4 or 5 times. im way ahead in the game.

which might be a hint from the Creator that theres a reason for strong friendships with excellent people.

and its not just to have someone to whine to during the dry seasons.

me and karisa don’t do much whining.

gets in the way of all the laughing.

thanks: to laura and carlisa who each flowed the busblog $5. gracias, senioritas!

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