Libra Horoscope for week of August 15, 2002

The Real Thing has arrived. Maybe not the Ultimate, Climactic, Last-You-All-Your-Life Real Thing, but who knows?

Even if it is just a temporary Real Thing, it’s still got a lot of rich transformations to give you.

I’d like to inquire, therefore, why you have not yet let it fully into your life?

Is it because it has a superficial resemblance to a counterfeit “Real Thing” from your past? Or, in a world teeming with false promises and spin doctors and crafty sales pitches, are you finding it hard to recognize a truly genuine article?

Pinch yourself, Libra.

– Rob Brezney from Free Will Astrology

i dont know what any of that means, but maybe it will cheer up meesh, who appears to be down in the dumps about some damn thing or another. all i know is that its keeping her from blogging, a terrible affliction that has stymied the elctronic growth of some of my favorite bloggers this summer: a. beam, rabbit, dolce, reesha, layne and welch, to name a few.

fortunately we have Blogcritics, though, which just might have too much information! not that thats possible.

one blogger who continues to plug away is Richard Bennett, who today comments on a senate bill that just passed that will help, if ever so slightly, men who have been unjustly accused of fathering children from women that they dont even know. as i found out the hard way, even if the DNA test proves that billie jean is not your lovah, you could still find yourself having to pay for a little kid who doesnt even look like you.

i’d kiss the feet of my lawyer who got me off the hook, but i think her boyfriend would get jealous. perhaps she would like me to do some light dusting around her hot tub?

and finally today, sorry but i have to star in our first xbi softball scrimmage this evening, a lovely lady who recently flowed the busblog paypaled my ass and asked if it was enough for a sexy little tale about “a good girl with high morals on an excursion abroad and runs into someone willing to corrupt her.”

dear, any amount of generosity towards the busblog slush fund is enough for such a tale, and i promise you that before friday you will have just what you seek either on this blog or on the main site. so stay tuned, and people, send in your requests with your bucks and your dreams just might come true too.

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