hey sara

hey sara,

no i didn’t read the article about baseball.

baseball is fucking with me and im in denial about it all. part of me wants them to strike because the cubs are out of it, and certainly another strike will rid us of the wicked witch of the midwest bud selig, and maybe some of the other terrible owners, and if we’re lucky baseball will completely tank and go out of business for a few years only to be revitalized by new owners who actually care about the sport and its oh-so-forgiving and patient fans.

i do not see how strikes and threats of strikes are less-bad for the game than whether or not pete rose bet on baseball.

i do not see how gentlemen, most of whom came from less than fortunate circumstances, can take away entertainment from people who might not ever make $2.3 million in their lifetime, $2.3 mil being baseball’s average salary.

i do not see how the president of the united states can allow the national pastime to stick its head up its ass in front of children and women as if alls good.

i do not see how every pundit, commentator, announcer, spokesperson, reporter, and broadcaster in baseball cant be yelling at the top of their lungs, “this is so much bullshit, this is so much bullshit, this is so much bullshit.”

no, i don’t read about “labor” disputes concerning baseball. i also don’t read the obits, i also don’t read about the war in the middle east, i also don’t look at my bank account, or the police blotter, or the monthly health report of all the restaurants that were closed due to vermin. these things depress me and the only way that i can get up and walk to the subway station each morning is the belief that there is a reason to continue this grand parade. and i don’t find that inspiration in gloomy news of greed, evil, and ignorance.

what makes me happy is when people leave comments, paypal my ass, fill out simple questionnaires, and take lil hikes with their wonderful spouses to newspaper offices of yesteryear and take pictures and write about it.

i really do have the greatest friends.

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