a long time reader of the blog

frustrated with the unstable comments situation today, wrote me an email to let me know that she wasnt just lurking on my page, and wanted to share her dreams with me.

i was touched.


sweetheart. i just got back from maui where all i did was lounge by the pool, tearing through “dot con” and thinking how awesome your friends are. thanks for loaning that book to me. gawd!

i don’t know my story. i am in a weird mood myself lately.

yes im sporting beautiful pink toe nail polish. skirts. open toed shoes.

i think its the planets.

and i really like my hair a lot better now that it is highlighted.

and it is good to be back.

and i missed you. and i missed l.a.

and i want to only do fun things now.

and i want to take kick boxing. and learn to play bass.

i want to go to tons of concerts and go out to fun restaurants.

i want to go ice skating and to the batting cages and to see the dodgers more.

i don’t want to be bored and uninspired. i don’t want to worry about money.

i don’t want a baseball strike.

i don’t want to miss my friends/family as much.

that is my story.

in a nutshell.

i also want cleaner boyfriends. they are so dirty that i don’t know what to do with them!

i want to go to the formosa soon.

i want to dance more.

i want to drink less.

i want to swim in the ocean and to try surfing.

i want to eat lobster all day one day.

nothing but.

i want to eat lunch right now.

i am going.

i have to start somewhere!!! 😉


p.s. i liked your interview with the model. is she for real or did you interview yourself? if its real it made me sad. no more sad things this summer. k?

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