hi blog

whaddup g

happy birthday.

tony, my birthday was on saturday.

no, not really, really it’s today.

so what did you get for me?

i got you about a thousand more readers a day than you had a year ago.

yeah, but what else?

how about a commitment that i will love you and keep you for one more year?

just one more year?

well, we’ll do like they do in football and go with a series of one year contracts.

that sounds okay.

is there anything that you want for your birthday?

i would like everyone who reads this to give me a buck. next year they can give me two bucks. unless theyve given in the last six months.

blog, i dont know. i dont like asking people for money.

but tony, youre so good at it. youre a frickin marketing genius.

well, i am a preacher, we’re the best at the shakedown. do you have any memories of this year that you want to reminisce about?

nah. im just one. this is no time to look back, this is time to buy some new shoes and run like bono around that huge heart stage.

cool, well, do you wanna say anything to your fans?


is that it?

love ya.

i swear, for a blog you have very little to say today.

you woke me from my nap. talk to me later today and i might say something more. thanks for all the shweet gwen stefani pics though.

well, those were for ashley as much as anything. shes bummed out today.

ah. shes young, she’ll bounce back.

ok, well blog, its been a fun year. we’ve come a long way and it’ll be interesting to see where this year takes us.


i swear something is wrong with you, youre not very talkative.

seriously bro, i waked and baked this morning and i really just wanna curl up and take a little nappy poo and i’ll be ready to rock later tonight.

ok, cool. happy birthday blog.

thanks tone.

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