mr. ed castro did the right thing

and sent in $20 for the cause. the goal is a cool g before the end of august which pretty much adds up to a buck from each of you. slight catch is i can not have ever met you.

for example, ashley’s friend anita from canada sent in a buck today. perfect. thank you anita. thank you, ed. that brings the august total to $110.

nice job everybody.

ooooh whats this? because we broke $100 we get to open an envelope.

which one should it be?

the pink one, the red one? blue?





think hard.

ok the gray one it is.

let’s see here. shes young, shes white.

she likes boys and girls.

she’s written about how to be a drunk asshole for rocketpack

she’s posted some romantic exchanges of lust between she and a pal

but my favorite page of hers are product reviews from items found on in the back of comics.

her name is raymi.

she wrote me an email.

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