hi tony

hi anna.

i won again.

you sound surprised.

i am a little surprised.

get used to winning, you have a heart of a champion.

i do?

something under your shirt is nice, i thought it was your heart.

do you miss me, tony?


do you want me?


come and get me.

gotta go to the company bbq tonight, anna.

poo on your bbq.

too late, they invited the counting crows, it’s already pooed on.

i miss you.

you better.

i cant believe you’re only an hour away from me and i cant have you!

comrade, carlsberg is like 3 hours from hollywood, even on a good day.

still, i feel so close to you.

that’s just the vodka talking.

don’t you want to hear about my match?

not really.

come on, i won 1-6 6-2 6-1 over Conchita Martinez!

the spaniard?


what happened in the first set.

i did like you told me to, i rope-a-doped her.

how did you do that?

i made her run around in the hot sun. i let her win the hard points but on the easy ones i made it more of a game than i needed to.

like how?

i could have slammed a point home, instead i hit it in a place where she could return it. we volleyed. A LOT. and i just stayed on the baseline and made her work for it. by the second set she was exhausted and i kicked her ass in that one and in the third.


just like you said.

so how will you repay me?

oh, you’ll see.

give me a hint.

when you get home tonight there will be a package on your doorstep.

what will be in the package?

some things that im sure you’ll like. including some pictures of me in some outfits that i will wear when i see you next.

you’re the best anna.

no, you’re the best tony.

yeah. i know.

waiting: for the perfect pill

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