if you read this page a lot

which a surprising amount of you do, you will notice that i don’t talk about the weather much.

i talk to my mom every weekend. karisa talks to her mom every day! maybe i would talk to my mom more if she didn’t always revert to talking about the weather.

when i hear the conversation drift to meteorology it’s the equivalent of someone yawning and saying, “an-nee-waaaay,” i’d much rather they do as rene often does and just say, “love ya babe, bye,” and hang up.

there are a few exceptions to this rule. jillian barberie can talk about the weather any damn time she wants.

you might know her from fox sunday football where they have figured out a way to get her to talk about the weather in the cities that will host football games later that day.

it’s really just a scamola to get her on tv in front of a bunch of horny male viewers so that they can see her prance in front of a weather map in the latest of todays sluttier fashions, but you don’t see me complaining.

in fact if i inadvertently got sidetracked with CBS’s pregame and miss jillian’s little dance, that’s when you hear me curse that i don’t have Tivo.

Jillian is also on “Good Day LA” my new favorite morning show that comes on right before Regis & Kelly as well as “Good Day Live” that comes on right after Regis & Kelly.

there she sit on a chair that has pillows on it so that you can see her belly even though shes sitting behind the table.

i like that.

she is there to talk about the weather but they usually give her other things to read off the teleprompter and she convinces people to take in stray dogs as well.

i think that’s nice.

the other person who can talk about the weather any time she wants is ben’s little sister kate who writes her ass off each and every time she scootches up to the keyboard.

spending the summer in minnesota, birthplace of bob dylan, today kate takes time out of covering rock music and devotes some space to mother nature, which is indeed different and more interesting in the midwest than it is in this climate controlled oasis of hollywood.

enjoy the gangbang of thunderstorms while you can, dear kate.

and don’t forget to catch some fireflies on your midnight romps barefoot through your daddy’s lush backyard.

i hereby promise to go to more than one Clippers game next season

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