his wife is sorta nuts

he’s in the music biz and he’s sorta nuts, but he loves his family who can at times overshadow him, but he’s a star. no he’s not ozzy, he’s eric olsen and today is his hank aaron birthday. forty four with a bullet.

because i have extremely low self esteem, i save nearly every email sent to me where someone says something nice to me. i delete the mean ones.

the first time eric wrote me he said nice things, which is the best way to introduce yourself. bullshitting a bit doesn’t hurt either:

Dear Tony,

Been meaning to write to you – your Children of Afghanistan picture series was one of the top 5 works of any kind I’ve seen since 9/11, and I’ve seen a lot. It made my wife cry. You are something – don’t know about all this womanizing, though.

Look out for yourself. Please check out below – you’re a deep thinker.


Eric Olsen

since then he has asked me my thoughts on how he could get his blog to receive more hits, and he actually took my advice and with his sharp mind, insightful and well-researched writing, and furious output, he has made it to the highest echelons of bloggerdom.

my advice to him was to link to the top bloggers out there and comment and push their buttons and crash the party. eric pretty much said, “is that all” and linked damn near everyone, talked smack, took names, and created an entirely unique and passionate blog rightfully deserving of its glorious stature.

in person he was talkative, friendly, opinionated, and nice. definitely the sort of fellow you’d want coaching your kid in little league or guiding your band in the studio as he turned the dials and created gold records.

watch as he masterminds what might just be The place to go for independent record and book reviews using the great untapped resource of current bloggers whose energies have yet to be harnessed.

here’s hoping that when we turn 144 we can be this cool, have a hot young wife, beautiful kids, and the good sense to keep on rocking with the groovy new tunes. party on, numero uno producer, and even if you cant get us all those free cds youre ok with me.

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