moxie sure did have a good weekend

i would say. on friday she went out with the famous mr. linse and met the new Weakest Link host, who of course fell for her. then saturday she crashed a beverly hills private party with some help from that tight little porsche.

then sunday she called me up late to laugh and laugh and laugh and it’s cool.

i don’t mind having a Fun Competition against a blonde bombshell who lives off melrose place. and secretly im really happy for her because with each of these weekends she moves further and further away from her stupid ex boyfriend, something our daisy princess could learn from.

only regret that i have with my life are the periods of time that i moped over lost loves hoping that they’d come back to me and all would be well again.

i cant think of one famous love affair where the dumped cries all night and the dumper returns and changes their mind.

i also don’t know of too many love-at-first sights that work out, either, which is why, when i meet a hottie i usually look down at her feet or around her or through her so that i can find out more about her before i soak in the visuals which can deceive.

last night maddie and i talked at length about the animal magnetism phenomenon which she said she experienced during one of the nights out that she had and i will be investigating that chemistry experiment as i wander on my path because it is pretty cool, i must admit.

chemistry does not guarantee great sex. it does not guarantee longevity or even mutual love. but when you can get a lot of those things together, including respect and honest communication, you really have something.

and if for whatever reason, both parties agree to just say fuckit and trust…

i suppose that’s what dreams are made of.

which is the bullseye im aiming at, rockstars.

tonight i will settle for the small victory that my wrists aren’t sore and its nearing quitting time.

kevin holtsberry flowed the busblog 7 days in a row and then faltered yesterday, meaning that the streak remains at 14 days by my man, JC. although it’s more profitable for me to get one lump sum with instructions to “pretend” that it has been sent each day, it is pretty fun to get a buck (or .66 cents, technically) every day from someone i really don’t know.

what i’d really like to see, though, is how many people this month bust with the $20 donation.

i say no one will do it.

however, i don’t mind being ridiculously wrong.

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