the carpal is getting better. it’s a slow heal. trust me when i tell you that i want it gone. im bursting with ideas and it kills me not to let them out.

unlike other bloggers who pretend to love you, i actually do. i actually want to attack you with new stories, photo essays, entries, personalities, outrages, money making schemes, tales of heartbreak, lies, hotties, and replacements lyrics.

i also want to give props to those who have linked the busblog.

so what you can do (if YACCS decides to stay up) is, if you are not linked already on the left hand side 101 links, and if you have linked me on your site, and if you would like to be linked on my upcoming new list of links, please put your url in the comments section below.

if you have linked me on the top of your list of blogs, please let me know, and/or if you have flowed to the busblog, let me know too. you can do so by simply identify yourselves with the mysterious asterick* after your url.

you will be taken care of in a slightly more special manner. ::cough:: hint ::cough::

im in a terrific mood after only three hours sleep and i dont know why. but im happy and i hope you are too.

p.s. my old hotmail address is constantly full so i have a new one, it’s xxxtonyxxx at hotmail, fyi.


the mgm’t

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