republicans are dirty racists phonies

. i took the weekend off to rest the wrists for a project im gonna work on this week and to take in the sunset junction street fest starring my rock heroes Sonic Youth (click the pictures!), then check the PayPal tally late last night, and whoa, what’s this? $50 from Ian in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, $40 from james in texas, $3.05 from mark, and $5 from paul. Thanks, fellas!

James wrote a little message along with his $40 that said, “To prove you’re mistaken about us dumb, white, old, fat Texas republicans. You know I love you…always have, always will.”

James, consider the stereotype erased.

For the rest of you, have i mentioned that Liberals are lazy, blondes are stupid, redheads are sluts, the Irish are drunkards, the homeless are smelly, college kids are slackers, mac users are geeks, Linux users are commie geeks, Floridians are fakers, the french are lazy, yankee fans are spoiled, ivy league grads are stuck up, bushmen cheat at pool, catholics are idolaters, bud selig can’t get it up unless thinking about boy scouts, and elton john is straight?

prove me wrong.

the $98 weekend windfall means that if i get over $2 before the month is over, as per my little comments conversation with kevin holtsberry, i will have to eat eel. even though everyone swears that this is a delicacy that i shouldn’t avoid, i’m not looking forward to it, but i will be happy to own up to my end of the bargain because i am overwhelmed by all of your insane generosity.

this weekend i was stalked by my birthday twin Simone, a girl who went to catholic highschool with meesh, knows everyone in los angeles, has seen tsar multiple times, and makes incredible necklaces and earrings.

she did exactly what you should do if you want to get me out of the house: phone me several times, show up in a mustang convertible on saturday morning, and invite me to a cheap mexican breakfast. she did bring along two other guys, one who had his shirt off and a cowboy hat, the other who looked like a GQ model, making me wonder if i was going to be beaten and attacked in west hollywood, but all went smooth and i had a really good time with this fascinating young woman.

yesterday she came over again and we watched the new episode of the anna nicole smith show, which is only getting better and better, america. God i love that show.

mtv is doing the right thing. they’re taking the hype of the anna show and putting reruns of Ozzy on right after anna’s half hour is over. man, i wish i knew someone at E! to convince them to put on something interesting after anna– like maybe a Classic Howard Stern episode? hell, anything to keep their viewers. seems like they go all out to get people to tune in on sunday at 10 and then they just let em go at 10:30. But what do i know. E! finally has a huge hit show. i’m happy for them. they’re my favorite station.

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