leah mentioned my name today

so i feel pretty cool.

leah (pictured, center), you might remember is, what 15, 16 something like that, kicking ass and taking names in texas. formerly of canada, now writing about 30 words a day, basically showing off that she barely has to write a thing and still averages 700 hits a day.

lil dose of reality for you, people.

got a little link love from mark over at swannie’s blog who says he likes my new blog header but feels let down that im busting with the IE and not the Netscape.

“I was a little shocked to see that it is IE, not Mozilla. I thought this guy was down with the geeks :P” mark writes.

geeks, let me educate you a little. its no longer 1997. netscape got bought by aol. aol is no friend of the geek. aol is no friend of anyone other than steve case and now aol is no longer a friend of steve case.

aol is the friend of the garbage man who gets paid bonuses for all the tossed out 1000 Hour Free cds that, if recycled, could build condos for all the homeless in hollywood.

aol bought time/warner and basically ruined them in the process.

just like their software does on my computer.

just like their software has always done on all of your computers.

download netscape, you’re downloading aol and you’re downloading trouble. so, no thanks.

and since i use windows 2000, ie is all up in there good and tight, so i don’t even bother with fighting it, so it’s there, so i use it. sue me.

ashley likes to come over and change all my settings and turn my tool bars pink and when i was thinking about what sort of blog header i should use i figured i would let people see what i see when i go on the innernet and there you have it.

anyway, hope this lets you know, swannie, that i still have love for the nerds but i have more love for my 400 MHz P2 wonderbox and i will do anything to protect it from enemies foreign or domestic and atop that list, above all the virus makers from manila, is a o hell, not so cleverly disguised as mozilla.

mass has ended.

rock in peace.

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