new game for your ass

this game is called the Hits game.

really simple to play.

starting from now till sunday at midnight it will be your job to get as many hits as you can to this site.

have a link that says “OMG! nude women selling abacusses!” or “George Bush Actually Doing Something” or “Bin Laden Found Shuffleboarding”. doesnt matter. just get them here.

the top five sites that link to me will get linked on the left hand primo slot in order of hits received.

also, as a bonus, i will do a good feature on each of the five sites and their authors.

void where prohibited.

and like the presidential elections, cheating is allowed.

anything goes.

have fun!

in other news, i have had the rare opportunity of catching a glimpse of the next episode of the Anna Nicole Show, and it is by far the best one yet.

if you like america’s new sweetheart and her adventures through tinsletown, you will love this episode.

as in LOVE.

are you in a happy mood today, clickers and lurkers?

what about you comment people?

as for the comment people too chicken shit to leave their names and email addresses after they try to diss me, have no fear, i have your IP addresses and i will be making the rounds across this country soon enough and when i do you will get a friendly little visit where i will teach you some manners and remind you of what your momma should have taught you years ago regarding the Golden Rule.

if you have a mean, jealous, stupid comment, sign your name, that way people might just think that you have the faintest clue.

otherwise we’ll just assume that youre some chicken shit pimply faced teenboy hopped up on code red mountain dew bored from being rejected all day from cam girls who refuse to netmeeting with you envious of the strange luck of yours truly, yet incapable of a decent put down if you even tried. and sadly, you are trying.

so here’s what you should do, fella. keep beating off to pop-up xxx ads of barnyard girls that look like your sister. keep being lame and repetitive. keep writing dumbass things in the comments section that only make me look like shakespeare in comparison, and for once in your life *pretend* to be a man and after you say something totally predictable and lame take a chance and leave your name and a link to your incredible web site so we can all bask in your brilliance of creativity wit and scary insight.

or just go back to lurking, squeezing your zits, and being a young republican.

you are nothing but fuel for my wildfire of vengence.


tony pierce dot com

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