tiger woods?

tony pierce, what’s up with UPI?

oh you mean that article about bloggers?

don’t you mean that article about white journalists who have blogs?


tony, where the brothas?

tiger, that article was a fair summation of about a dozen of the most popular blogger out there.

all i saw were mentions of all the usual suspects: layne, welch, rabbit, emmanuelle, reynolds, postrel, andrew sullivan, lileks, kaus, michael moore, drudge, and alex beam.

alex beam isn’t a journalist.

ok, you got me there. but still, what is revolutionary about Blogging isn’t that everyday people get to read journalists, its that everyday people get to read everyday people.

like who, tiger?

like you, tony.


ok, then like charles johnson, who was written about a little in the article.

i agree with you there, here’s a long haired guitar player from the valley computer expert who has The go-to website for all your arab news.

i thought he was a bass player.

whatever. in my opinion all stories about blogging should begin with his little green footballs. it is the epitome of a normal guy with an extraordinary interest who can take the news and discuss it in an intelligent way on a well-designed site visited by millions.

your site gets millions, tony.

then i would talk about eric and dawn olsen. two non-journalists who came to the party relatively late in the game and became huge blogging stars. eric writes about music and politics, dawn talks about jim treacher.

what’s so special about that?

i just told you, they’re just a normal married couple with two entirely different come-froms and interests who have two totally different sites who have risen to the top in a short period of time simply by being interesting. incidentally, it’s dawn’s birthday today.

happy birthday, dawn.

happy 25th birthday, dawn!

how many other married couples are blogging, tony?

welch and emmanuelle, layne and crane, greg and molli.. im sure there are others.

any brothers and sisters blogging?

you mean besides ben and kate sullivan? do they count, they’re both journalists?

ok, sorry, my bad. i love them though. so let me tell you another problem i had with the article. everyone was white.

most bloggers are white. you need a computer to blog. and free time. and money for hosting.

more reason to include you on the list, my brotha.


other problem with the upi thing, everyone was in their 30s.

wrong again, tiger, emmanuelle and heather aren’t a day over 25.

ok, well, why don’t these “serious” articles ever talk about the forefathers of the modern day blogger, the cam girls, who, by the way, are still kicking ass design-wise and traffic-wise.

i don’t think that’s true, tiger.

tony, remember when welch gave kudos to lil green footballs for getting over 500 comments on one of his posts?

yeah, but you have to admit that’s quite an accomplishment. metafilter is a frickin “communitiy” and if theres 100 comments to a front page post, that’s a hugely popular thread.

well, your girl Chelle got 500+ comments the other day, and nay was averaging over 50 a post before she put up her message board, which immediately crashed due to popularity.

well who doesn’t want to look at cute teen girls getting naked on their cams?

ha ha, that’s funny. you know they don’t get naked.

yeah, i know.

and why didn’t UPI write about the older bloggers like Doc Searls and The Daily Pundit?

those guys are just prematurely gray.

and what about the people who make super beautiful sites like Riley Dog, and Looby Lu and Floor Pie and 5ilver?

what it makes me think, tony, is that these newspapers and reporters really don’t take blogs seriously, they treat them like a cute little fad, or a tool for freelance journalists to archive their work.

otherwise they themselves would have blogs?

exactly. ironically, very few people ever write about Ev, the inventor of Blogger, ‘s blog

but would it still be cool if the mainstream had blogs?

the mainstream does have blogs, that’s exactly my point, and that’s what makes them so interesting. you discovered moxie, a normal single young woman trying to get over her past love and re-join the dating pool. when it’s well-written, like hers is, that’s good stuff.

what about molli writing about going through her pregnancy?

what about sara moving from frisco to texas?

what about a pretty depressed anorexic young woman eating cups of ice?

what about the true life stories of Miss Oxnard? speaking of which, where do you find these people?

they find me. but tiger, reporters aren’t going to write about that sort of thing. how do you explain it? why would it bring about any interest?

it’s interesting, tony, because it’s real. reality tv is the biggest thing right now. blogs are reality tv that’s unedited written by real people who aren’t in it solely for the money. unlike the networks. bloggers even have a neilson ratings of sorts. if people want real, theres nothing more real than reading about sara discovering her new neighbors in austin, the bugs.

hell, it’s so mainstream even celebs have blogs, like moby‘s and rupaul’s rule.


tiger, i gotta get on a bus and go to work now.

ok, tony, but what are you going to do about the fact that you never get written about in these big articles? if Time decided to write about Bloggers, Instapundit would make the cover, not you.

Instapundit deserves it, he’s the man.

but what you do is so much more difficult. plus you’ve popularized so many different aspects of this medium, photo essays, interviewing inanimate objects, selling links on your blog on eBay, suckering the blog world into getting you 100 new links in a month, and im sorry but i don’t think that Instapundit ever got 2 million hits in 4 days.

i bet he did.

i bet he didn’t. and if he did, then maybe you two should be on the cover of Time together.

gonna miss my bus, tiger. keep dating those white girls. but i wouldn’t put me and Glenn on the cover, i would put Glenn and Ev.

i disagree. but nice work being the #1 Tony on Google. maybe you should be on the cover of Ebony then.

I’m holding out for Jet. btw, i heard that you were the #4 Tiger.

can you believe that shit?

sucks to be you, i guess.

would you mind writing about me a little and helping my number?

i’ll see what i can do for you, bro.

much love to eric and chris who both stoked the blog with a solid buck. im wondering if that thermostat will break $300 before friday? jersey guy would say no, but his mom wont let him on the computer till he cleans his room.

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