today is robin quivers’s 50th birthday!

every morning i listen and every evening i watch. i love howard stern and i love robin quivers.

when i first saw howard on tv and i saw robin there, i didn’t get it. but now i couldn’t imagine it any different. robin balances out the show real nice.

sometimes when she is sick or out or whatever, the howard stern show is really too much of a frat house. robin keeps it in order, she laughs, she often has better jokes than most of the fellas, she knows who the stars are, she watches all the movies and tv shows, she knows the current events, she’s perfect.

in her book, “Quivers: A Life” she describes being molested as a child and all the pain that it brought her and all the anger she once had. and what i love about her and the show, whenever the gang has a chance to kid robin about it, they do. it’s brutal. but it’s almost fair since they grill their guests just as hard. robin is not only a survivor, she’s a role model now because she has been able to take such a heinous inexcusable act and now looks it in the face and laughs at it.


what’s also awesome about robin is her relationship with howard. these are two people who truly love each other. im sure they have a difference of opinions at times, but you’d never know it. ive never heard or seen them fight, ive never heard or seen them talk badly of each other, and they’ve certainly never argued with each other. its crazy. they’ve been together for almost 20 years and never a fight? howard fights with everyone: his mom, wife, boss, coworkers, kids, sister, friends, listeners, guests, but never robin. he adores her and listens to her.

they also have a great little ploy going that is subtle and beautiful. if howard has a guest on who is a little apprehensive about something, howard will say something like, “tell robin your story.” or “lift your shirt and show robin what you’re talking about.” classic.

so here’s to you, robin quivers. you really don’t look 50, and you’re a hero to many. including me.

quick facts about robin that you might not know:

she was in the army, she was a nurse, she’s never been married, her hero is muhammad ali, she met howard in washington dc when she was assigned to do the news for him, she has a condo in manhattan, he loves animals and owns a horse!

this post is dedicated to ann s. who flowed the busblog a buck, gracias, ann!

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