tonight im going to see Dave Pirner

at the Troubador with a super cool chick. im lucky as hell.

that’s plan a.

plan b is seeing Kittie at the Whiskey, and if there is a feeding frenzy of ticket scalping going on at the famous west hollywood club, then we’ll turn a quick profit and head down the strip to see the three metal babes from canada.

i adore metal, which is why i liked the edge that Pirner’s former band, Soul Asylum added to their sloppy Twin/Tone gems of days gone by.

when i first got into the Replacements i would get any record that was released from the minnesota indie label. so husker du, run westy run, the goo goo dolls, and soul asylum vied for my attention and of those bands, when i wasnt listening to the Mats, i would put on soul asylum, especially Hang Time, one of my favorite records ever.

when the Replacements moved over to Sire, soul asylum got booted from label to label finally ending up at Columbia where they put out grave dancers union with such hits as “runaway train” “black gold” and “somebody to shove.”

it wasnt bad for a sellout. but it wasnt the diverse meaty switchback mayhem of “made to be broken” or “while you were out” or even “clam dip.”

afterwards we’re going to go into the desert and look at the meteor shower and listen to some mixed cds that i made and maybe talk about the middle east.

i hope dave still has his long hair, and his ripped clothes. im glad he lost his actress girlfriend from california.

i hope he didnt lose his ability to lay it down like so many others have who play their telecasters.


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