all of my friends are beautiful and talented, artistical and magicful.

paolo is a king among kings who only dates the hottest women.

permasmile, a huge dog, and the love of the lakers and skateboarding, our pal paolo also worked at the ucsb daily nexus with matt, and amy, and tsar, and tsar’s brother, and stacy teas (who i owe an email to) and hell, half of the cool kids in los feliz and the tri counties.

paolos art is larger than life and rich and colorful and dreamy and massively underrated.

if youre in LA and not accompanying meesh to the queens of the stoneage gig at the palladium, perhaps you might want to jump on the subway and head downtown to check out what i promise you will be an entertaining evening of great art and fine music.

and if you miss out on rick royale who will be playing, you’ve truly missed out. so dont coulter.

yours truly might even be there unless meesh convinces me otherwise.

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