more than just my lawyer,

kim is a great friend.

she knows her rock music so well that before she was my laywer i wanted to kiss her. women should learn that lesson: if you have a record collection that is truly diverse, rocking, punk rock, soulful, and countrified in the right ways, the boys will want you big time.

nothing worse than going to a girls house and seeing three cds on the shelf and a cat. especially when the cds are cat steven’s greatest hits, james taylor’s greatest hits, and aretha franklin’s greatest hits.

kim has tons of great cds and her cat is named after the guitar player in KISS.

you’d wanna kiss her too.

cute as a button and sex-say with that lil southern drawl that slides out when you least expect it, kim met up with the kids while they were in prauge. i think thats how the story goes. kim went out there with ken b. who shes been romantically associated with since the dodgers left brooklyn.

it was ken’s birthday last week when i was on vacation and im sorry that i wasnt able to slobber all over him, so lets make it up with more love for kim, shall we?


she has a kickass grownup hollywood hills mansion that she lets us all party in. it has a hot tub and plate glass and grey walls and a dynomite kitchen. proof that when looking for a new pad, try to find one that was recently owned by two arty gay guys. always up for a good movie, fine with wine, and blessed with a sense of fashion and a true love of college hoops, kim didnt go to ucsb, but she fits into our small group of friends like shes known us all forever.

what sorta law does she practice? entertainment law?

what firm does she work for?

she left the big firm a few years ago to start her own with just one partner and they’re kicking ass. seriously.

i never had a better lawyer in my life and thats no lie.

tomorrow this southern belle turns 24 and i really hope we all get together and raise a glass to our sweetheart from carolina who has only gotten finer.

happy birthday!

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