anna’s cute, but she doesnt know too much about the web.

she called me last night before i got to bed. it was noon in russia. she was upset that she had confused myelin’s blogging ecosphere with the truth laid bear’s blogosphere ecosphere. i told her it was cool. she said no, that she was really really sorry and wanted to make it up to me.

i told her that we all make mistakes. i told her to work on her backhand.

she said, but the NZ Bear has got NZ in it and the other guy has NZ in his url.

i said, chill, ruskie. then she started crying. then she told me it might be her pms.

i said i hope it was pms. we had a little close call with a romp that led to a condom being broken.

she said she was sure she wasnt pregnant.

i asked, how can you tell?

she said, if i had a little tony baby in me, i would know right away.

i told her that i was flipping through Redbook and i leaned all these great things about the new IUDs out there. and one you dont have to fuss with for FIVE years.

she asked me to change the subject.

so i told her that i watched the new Real World and it’s my favorite porn series ever.

then she said she loved me.

it was the first time she’d ever said that. other than when we were fighting.

i said, i love ya too.

she said, ya?

then i got a beep on my call waiting. and she said, never mind. i gotta go.

which was great cuz i was sleeeep – eeee.

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