greg and molli’s baby boy is due

ghostbusters any minute now and if they were different people i would love to get them this Military Forward Command Post (available for just $44 at kbtoys, jcpenny and etoys) which looks like what i would have done to my sister’s Barbie Dream House if i had a little creativity, some markers, and a few stray bic lighters.

ah, kids. they have it all these days. ecstacy, two channels of nickelodian, free internet porn, mp3s, britney and christina showing off their bodies, Carrotop.

who would have ever thought that we would be looking back at the 80s as a time when life was so much simpler?

i can truly remember only having 75 tv channels. when i have kids theyre going to hear that and laugh me right out of the space pod.

right before i went to college, my mom helped me buy a $1,500 apple computer that had 128k of memory.

this blog takes up about 70k all by itself!

blogging was tougher back then. especially since all the modems were being hoarded by the military who were spending thousands to comminucate at 2400 Baud.

ah, hindsight. my friend. my love. my advesary.

i was thinking on the bus that i should really lie and have an About section and pretend that i am white, 21 years old, and i drive a BMW. but then i would out myself with these old fables of yesteryear.

anyhow, lets keep our fingers crossed for mr. greg and ms. molli as they await their lil bundle of joy.

if the world seems a little brighter and warmer today it’s because someone very special is on the way, and its not santa.

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