Dear Tony,

(shy) Beth from D.C. wishing you a Happy Birthday.

per your request, I have sent on a fan sign.

I didn’t have a digital camera at work, so I repurposed a pic my former coworker sent me – taken just outside of Georgetown University on my last day of work in August.

He originally entitled it “the_real_reason_shes_leavin.jpg” which is totally false!

I left to slave away for my favorite lobbyist. Talk about selling out.

Anyway Tony, as we are all dodging bullets here in the district, I wanted to thank you again for a lovely blog, which has been, at times, the only thing that gets me through the day.

You’re making people happy, more than you even know.

I hope your birthday is a fantastic one.



Dear Beth,

Since i was born in dc many centuries ago, it is my pleasure to post your fan sign.

People need not call me, as the telephone wont be of much use, but i do like your sign a LOT, however if folks want to email me, seems to be working well. im feeling very good today despite the Rally Monkey trying to mix things up.

Keep fighting the good fight in my birthplace,


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