hi rally monkey

hi tony pierce, just wanted to jump on the birthday bandwagon and give you some crazy love.

wow, thats great, rally monkey, youre too kind.

well i was looking at your amazon wish list and i saw that you only got one other gift other than the Quick Chop and i figured now would be a good time for me to come out and drum up a little more support for you before this little game is over.

aw, thats sweet, pal, but i dont think im going to be begging for free stuff any more off this blog. the kids just dont seem to like it much.

yeah, but you have a good point. i see the wish lists of the cam girls and cam women, and those babes get so much free junk from their readers, and for why? because they show their bellies? or give the fellas a glimmer of hope that they’ll eventually get some play? puh-lease. you provide real entertainment here tony, if you want $6.66 or the new Cobain book, you should get it.

again, thats real nice, rally monkey, but it’s cool. my cup overfloweths in other ways.

like what, like the ladies? dont lie, you dont get that much love.

quality, not quantity, my fine furry friend.

dont matter. these girls should be going apeshit over you and you should have more gifts than you could ever ask for. where the hell has layne and welch been these last weeks? monkeying around. meanwhile you’ve done more than take up the slack.

those guys are doing top secret behind the scenes double dealings. the fruits of their labors will be sweet in the upcoming months and years. watch your mouth.

i spit on their double dealings. except welch. he’s the only true angels fan on the web.

dont spit on layne, he’s being romantical right now. and i think he’s writing a new novel for our asses.

whatever, tony. i’m here. that means good things will start happening for you right now.

btw, rally monkey, wKen flowed $6.66 which will definately go to tonights lapdance fund. so major props to my bro up north.

see? i got you some crazy magic already. arent you glad i came?

yes. and thank you to whoever got me the pancake thing off my wishlist. made me laugh laugh laugh here in my cubicle.

ok, gotta jet off to frisco. big game tonight.

yes, i’ll be watching it from jumbo’s tonight.

they got a tv in there?

they got tvs, bi’s, les’s you name it.

stick to the crimefighting, tp.

go angels!

update: the Rally Monkey is telling me from his limo to LAX that someone has scored me the coveted Bamboo Place Mats off the wishlist. Gracias!!!!!

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