hi giselle

hi tony, are you causing trouble again?

me? never.

you’re treading on thin ice when you piss off your readers.

they’ll get over it.

especially the ones who give you money.

the instant i think twice about writing something because i might not get money in the future from someone is the moment that i should just click the big Delete button in the options menu and go back to writing poems for chapbooks.

isnt there a happy medium?

all or nothing, hottie. else you lose your edge.

why do people hate it so much when you talk about politics?

they would love it if i wrote about politics if i agreed with them. i’d be the next sean hannity.


they just don’t like it when i expose their party for being what it is right now: completely impotent.

you’ve lost me, tony.

name one thing the GOP has done right in the last ten years.

they beat Clinton.

they lost to Clinton, they beat Gore and they had to cheat at that.

i’m trying, tony, but it’s difficult, im just a gorgeous model who can keep it together when her shoe falls off.

i know. thats why they like this site. they just want me to put pretty pictures of happy faces up here, have fake interviews with celebs, talk about who i’m banging, and totally lay off the fact that the leader of My country cheated to sit at the table with the grown ups, and once he got there fucked the economy, fucked national security, made the military look like a bunch of dip shits who cant find the wascally wabbit hiding in a hole…

you’re funny. kiss me.

and even though they all knew, they put Condesellout Rice on the podium and had her say that they had no clue that people would slam planes up against buildings.

are you saying Black people can’t work for white Presidents?

im saying if you do it know youre going to be called a sellout, and when you do it don’t lie to the american people at a time when they are as fragile as can be.

so what should they have said, tony, “america, good evening, we fucked up”?

for eight years the republicans tried to get clinton on lying about whitewater, and on getting a blowjob. they knew they couldnt kick him out but they wanted to publically embarrass him by abusing the impeachment card and silence the democratic party in the process. their whole stance was that the president lied. they sicked ken starr on him and never let up. and you cant tell me that lying about head is the same as lying about “not knowing” about bin laden.

he let up eventually

giselle, don’t you remember when Starr tried to disbar Clinton so that he would be fucked even after his presidential term was over?

i thought they did disbar him.

that was just from arguing cases in the Supreme Court.

he was disbarred from practicing law in arkansas, wasnt he?

yeah for five years, but who the hell cares about practicing law in arkansas?

i miss Clinton.

me too, giselle.

he was a real president.

he’s no dummy.

so do you know politics or don’t you?

i was born in washington dc. i grew up in chicago. ive worked for two of the largest billion dollar companies in the world. i worked for a dot com during the gold rush and now i work in hollywood for a big time tv network. i know tons about politics. i also know that even though the airwaves and the web is full of conservative voices they Cannot Stand it when people point out how entirely ineffective their boys have been. they will say i dont know shit, they will say i shouldnt write about it. but all theyre trying to do is silence me. i dont blame em. nobody writes angrier shit than me.

silencing you? sorta unamerican. wouldnt you say?

sorta bullshit, i’d say. read that last post. change the picture to bill and hillary, change the 9/11 stuff to lewinsky and Rush Limbaugh would drive me a million hits. it’s not the writing they dont like, it’s the content.

god, i hate politics.

me too, baby.

wanna do some happy hour drinks with me after workie?

yes, please.

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