you knew about 9/11?

they tell me lots of stuff.

but you knew about 9/11 before it happened?

sure, i just didn’t think…

exactly my point, you didnt think.

please. let me just be. i cant know everything.

yes, but you can know when something that big is going to happen!

i want a waffle.

i want a man!

i want strawberries on it.

you disgust me.

and whipped cream.

your father was a loser, you’re a loser, even your brother is a loser.

im ignoring you.

i feel dirty even being near you.

some people put chopped walnuts on their waffles. i dont like that.

youre a disgusting human being.

a cherry on top would be nice, though.

your daughters are drunken whores…

and some chocolate milk, mmmmmmm.

everyone in your family are dirty theives, only concerned with money and power.

why did you marry me, then?

you Used to be fun.

im still fun.

you cant even spell fun.


im going to jump off a bridge.

but, wait, i spelled it right.

wheres your cyanide pill?

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