so blogger was hacked today.

little fucks.

when i was your age i was beating off to nude madonna pics in playboy.

easiest thing in the world to do is fuck up someone else’s shit. didnt you learn that last year?

and wheres the glory?

Ev at blogger wrote software and got servers so that people from anywhere in the world could write whatever bullshit they want to write and do it for free and you want to throw a wrench into that? do you even know what a wrench is?

lets say you kids are thinking ahead and this was really all about stealing usernames and passwords of the 750,000 users’s ftp passwords.

what would be the point to that?

so you can say you did it? like climbing mt. fuckyou?

how about asking out the hottest chick in school?

how about kissing the hottest chick in school?

how about learning how to play guitar?

how about fingering the hottest chick in school?

the youth of today has lost its priorities and i get it that hackers arent interested in the money or the fame, but the power, so i will tell you this, when i was a lad there was no one more popular and powerful and envied than the dude with the coolest girlfriend or the kid who could shred the guitar the best.

name all the most famous hackers in the world and none of them can hold a candle to kid rock’s middle finger.

so congratulations big shots. today is your day. you brought down a house of cards. one of the easiest targets on the web. perhaps the easiest.

you affected the blogs of nearly a million people. pardon me while i yawn.

thats like hijacking the truck that delivers the ballons for all the squirt-the-water-in-the-clown’s-mouth carnival games.

somehow i think life will go on.

see, bloggers will go and do something else when their hobby is disrupted. it really isnt a big deal to us. despite the slams, most of us do have lives to lead.

and people who look at blogs will either go back to work or sex or play or if theyre bored they’ll pull up solitaire on their laptops.

you, you will just have your pimples, and your bad incubus mp3s and your pr0n and a little voice inside of your head thats right this time, when it says, you really are the pathetic loser that everyone has always said you are. you will never get laid. you will never be anything. you are nothing. you are boring. you’re a bully. youre sniper in a trunk of a caprice with a pointy little thing aimed at innocents. .

it’s been done before. it’ll be done again, better and more creatively. you’ve used your skills for juniorhighevil

you’re a tool.

you’re a fool

and your fingers smell of ass.

repent, read science blog

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