so, mr. carpal demon. think you can make me reach for the wrong wallet?

think the 720 bus driver isnt going to notice when i flash her the Sept. pass? think i’m not going to freeze in my tracks? think she’s gonna just let me on when i say, “i must have picked up the wrong wallet?”

who has two wallets in their house that look exactly the same? black, thin, and mostly empty? who has a demon in their arm making them do all the wrong things and preventing them from the much loved photo essays? pbs emailed me the other day to consider me for a peice on blogging. wouldnt it a been nice to have a new photo essay all ready for them? maybe something about the rally monkey? or about the dc sniper. or about kissing?

i really do have a million ideas that i aint even rocked yet, arm demon, and i will rock them even if i have to carve you out of me like a scoop of icecream.

nice man emailed me from paris. how many emails you get from paris that say that you make them laugh every day? people dont write arm demons many emails i suppose, maybe it’s because you use your powers for the wrong purposes.

anyway i’ll be fine wallet-less today, evil curse, i always have lots of change in my bag for bus fare home, and i have a half a burrito in the fridge and water and water and water, so f you, as soon as i go home im gonna put the old wallet in a remote location and i will dance around my mansion as i tidy it because i think meesh is going to come over before she moves away to the rocky mountains.

it’s nine thirty am. how can blogger be down? worse, how can pro blogger be down? demon, you know anything about this?

denial of service.

best metal band album name of the day, people. they still have metal bands any more?

thank you houston, this next one is from our new album, denial of service-ah…

like i said in my comments, im gonna be the dude from the white stripes for halloween.

dont nobody copy me.


dirty fez

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