ashley called me last night like five times.

i dont look at that as a bad thing. it’s determination. commitment. passion. desire. intention.

what we talked about isn’t important. nothing is important except that i admire her for sticking to what she wants.

lots of times people stick to what they want but what they want is so dumb.

im not entirely sure that ashleys quest to have me be in her life again is the smartest idea. i cant say im the best friend.

and i want to get with many of her friends. who are all gorgeous.

i want the best for her. i want her to have a normal life. i want her to have a boyfriend her own age. i want her to go to college and become an actress and marry a rock star and write a memoir and maybe then she can say some nice lies about how good i was to her when she was nineteen and twenty and twenty-one.

i tried to be good to her, but i think i was just being selfish.

i can be selfish to a lot of my friends and im sorry about that.

all of you.

my friend amy picked me up at work yesterday and we drove to my house and then to the fabulously old figueroa hotel in downtown LA. it’s the beautiful brick building right across the street from Staples center.

meticulous wrought iron gates, classy pool, outdoor patio, funky art, and lots of international tourists who dont know that in all of LA you really dont want to be staying downtown. but we all make that mistake when we travel to foreign lands, dont we?

it was great to catch up with her as we drove through LA and drank with the intellects.

my friend greg made a short film with me the other day and last night he asked me if i would go see the Hulk with him because his wife is way too smart for such a dumb flick and i gladly said id go with him, especially since its playing at my favorite movie theatre The Vista where they took out every other row of seats. more leg room than even yao ming could use.

my friend os was there and told me about a camping trip. my friend paulo was there with his brother and they took a lot of pictures of my beautiful attorney.

mc brown was in the house and he has a great new web site called Buzznet that i’m sure i will be talking about a lot in the next few weeks and months.

matt and emmanuelle were there looking perfect. infact the best picture that i took last night was of emmanuelle and her sassy short red dress.

welch overheard me calling him a sellout as he drank wine and had a shirt tied in a knot over his cuban button up and he protested that he has been drinking wine his whole life, and i said yes, but when you were keeping it real you drank it from a jug and your hair was as long as a girls.

luke ford was there interviewing our girl amy trying to dig up dirt but amy just lied and lied and you cant get anything out of big time journalists like her, and if you think you have something you dont, all you have is some red herrings. my best advice when interviewing my friends is forget about the so called facts and focus on the feature. zero-in on the atmosphere, the friendships, the love.

viva le rock.

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