had a great night tonight in la

i dont really want to get into it too much cuz then some of this might be true. so lets just say that one day i need to tell you that i have the greatest friends.

im thirsty. ive been drinking. ive been meeting the famous and the nearly famous. ive been hanging in some of hollywoods old school histroy. ive been drinking.

im not going to spell check this mofo or proof read it or anything becuase tonight i was aroujd some of LAs finest writers amd thjeres no way i compare to any of them other than the fact that i have you and i only have some of you.

some of you are just here for the ride adnd thats nice.

i met someone superfamous today at work and he met me and he said nice things to me and i wanted to say nice things to him but i dont lie in real life, just in here, just in the blog.

yesterday i wrote some sad stuff and the day before i did too.

i didnt do it for any other reason than to show a friend that wriuting sad is the easiest thing in the world. oh woah is me. poor moi. isnt life terrible?

a mouse can write about fear better than any man so why compete with rodents? its our job to talk about glorious things. my how time flies.

tomorrow i will be seeing our friend Beck in santa barbara at the county bowl, one of my all time favorite places to see a show.

i think i will be going with bi-coastal socialite paris hilton but only if she behaves and lets me drive.

if i had a normal job i would be able to surprise her and take friday off and get a room at the days inn near the beach and eat seafood and drink wine all night and play strip blackjack and not bang but just be sexy, cuz anyone can bang but how many can truly be sexy. the bone being balanced on the dogs nose, etc.

im drunk but in a good way. like my memory is here but distracted.

did someone call me today. yes, it was ashley. and chris. and jeanine.

three olde girlfriends of totally differnet personality tyupes and one thing in common, dunmb enough to kiss me.



dummb it


katie + sk smith + leah + jenny

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