because of our gunfight last week

the xbi has issued a new procedure thats pretty interesting.

first of all if we’re pissed at each other we can no longer shoot at each other.

but we can say fuck you to each other.

but we can only do it once a day, and our fuck yous can carry-over so if you dont tell anyone to fuck themselves on one day you can tell two people to fuck themselves the next day. or you can tell one person to fuck themselves twice the next day.

strangely this has not only cut down on the gunplay but also the verbal assaults.

i really dont curse that much at work. i know if you read the busblog much you’d think im a swearing machine, but not really. i just use those words on here because the legitimate liberal press cannot.

and cuz its fun.

and cuz welch and layne and all the rest of my heroes are too ashamed to on their things, but i understand, theyre professionals and they want people to think that theyre smarter than they are, which they are.

so now im flying over west la, my old home, and im thinking about who i want to give my fuck yous to for this week.

and im also a little worried about who will give me some, which is really weird because when they were unlimited i didnt really say anything evil to people and very few of them said anything evil to me.

but the new russian chick shot at me a few times, so im pretty sure shes gonna fling some curses at me.

when i grow up i want to be a white rapper.

just kidding.

when i grow up i want to be a dj on a pirate radio station that illegally broadcasts the accounts and descriptions of major league baseball without written permission of the commissioner of baseball or the chicago cubs.

and in the background i want to play led zep and janes addiction and motley crue and tsar.

souptree + kate sullivan + britcoal + jack had the right idea, sorta

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