do i still have my tiger woods fan in the house?

tiger told me that he would dye his hair after i told him that he wouldnt do anything that his model girlfriend didnt like and i told him he was full of shit and yesterday he actually did something relatively non-pussy.

congrats, tiger. you’re that much less not an old white man trapped in a africanamericanasian body.

todays george herbert walker bush’s birthday.

i dont trust rich people with two middle names.

todays also marv albert’s birthday.

why is it that i trust that wig-wearing crossdressing backbiter more than our president and his old man combined?

probably cuz he calls a sweet ass basketball game.

fell asleep last night watching “ice age”.

tivo plus hbo is really spectacular. thank you people who created tivo. i love you.

i do.

had a woman subway driver today who was really good. wanted to put that into the record.

last night a good friend, make that two good friends who asked me about some previous post and whether or not i was really sad or really mad or really whatever and i had to keep on saying nothing in there is true. and they would say some of it is true and i would have to say none of it is true and theyd say but… and i would interrupt and say nothing in there is true.

and they would say ok, fine.

and i would say, if youre worried, email me. or call.

my phone rings off the hook. still. so maybe i shouldnta said call.

i have no desire to buy the radiohead cd.

i have no desire to get a dvd player.

i have no desire to see the hulk.

cubs keep winning without sammy so today will be a good day.

hunnh + i miss raymi + jim gilliam

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