for the sake of clarity, digital tavern, last month’s winner of the I Will Link You on my Blog auction

will stay up for this week, a bonus week.

who doesn’t love bonuses.

when i sold tvs they would have daily bonuses and contests.

on saturday mornings they would bring in a deli tray and we would sit on speakers in the speaker room and the boss would talk to us about numbers, and about which salesmen did what during the week, and what the truck just brought in, and what we should look out for because of the ad.

sometimes he’d reach into his pocket and pull out laker tickets.

sometimes he would unfurl a hundred scratch-off lottery tickets.

sometimes he would pull out a hundred dollar bill.

usually it was something like first person to sell a five year warranty wins.

for the laker tickets it was first person to sell a five year and a three year.

at a different job i once was given a trip to europe with my girlfriend.

one place i worked for two years and it was run on a tight budget so nobody got little bonuses and i thought that was sorta dumb. the least they could have done was give someone a bonus personal day.

ted youve kicked ass lately, have a day off on us.

the xbi is interesting because you cant really call in sick. everyone is vital. if one of the crew members of chopper one isnt there, we cant do it right.

first of all, its an illegal vehicle used from stolen parts and possible alien technology. secondly, it could be captured and end up in the wrong hands. thirdly it would be impossible to replace. therefore there can be no fucking around with it.

we get bonuses almost every day.

it’s nice.

well this last week has been a bonus week to me. nearly every day something super cool happened to me.

sorta feels like a tip of the hat from the man upstairs, and i give a tip of the hat right back.

a tip of the hat to everyone.

it’s been a pleasure to link to digital tavern this month, a blog with smart writing, excellent design, and as of late, great original photography.

and its been a pleasure to watch the cubs, who are still in first place, and its now june.

and it was a pleasure to kiss that pretty girl.

and it was a pleasure to be rocked by tsar.

thank you one and all.

digital tavern

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