last night i hosted the tsar afterparty again.

why not. everyone was there and it was wilder than the last time.

its funny, as great as last night was, i really dont feel like rehashing it.

but i will try.

because you had to put up with that naked guy all day.

naked guy was even at the party. he was clothed and equipped with a smoking hot girlfriend. we were all drunk so i asked him all the questions people were too shy to ask.

have you ever been naked on stage before?


who called the police on you in pittsburgh?

the hotel desk chick.

was she old?

no she was young.

did you see those gay guys totally loving your nudity?


did that freak you out at all?


then i poured him some absinthe and decided that he was an ok guy.

he is an ok guy.

people lost their keys and their cellphones. i found some barrettes on the floor this morning. i had a terrible hangover. it took most of the day to recover.

im still recovering and now its bedtime.

all i have to say is im a lucky man and i have some great friends and some of my friends play in the best band in america, and that includes both north and south america.

and i have some great neighbors who put up with a much louder party than the other week.

and i live a blessed life, which i dont deserve, but i totally appreciate.

and the cubs totally won after 15 innings thanks to sammy sosa who is back

and now the cubs are unstoppable.

bettie girl + circa 1977 + moxie was there

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