hi friday the thirteenth

im sorry what i said earlier. i take it all back.

today was pretty shitty for most of the day. nothing seemed to go right. my commander had me fly in a little early to have a sit down with me. feelings were hurt. etc.

and then cake was delivered and a pretty girl was talked to and nervousness went through me and now i feel 78 again.


ah, gemini, you month of change. what other crazy amusement park rides of emotions will you put me through?

im going to take the bus home, im going to inspect the job my new maid did, im going to put on my pajamas, im going to drink a bottle of rum, im going to order a pizza, im going to see what tivo stoked me with.

then im going to pass out on my leather couch as the phone rings off the hook and as cheerleaders pound on my door.

then im going to wake up in the wee hours and i will make myself some hot chocolate and update my fantasy baseball teams.

then im going to read the bible and lay myself to sleep.

then im going to wake up and begin the beguine.

friday the thirteenth thanks for letting me appreciate the good times that i do have. without cold we dont appreciate warm. without dark we dont appreciate light.

without twosomes we dont appreciate threesomes.

without turmoil we dont appreciate bliss.

merry christmas, friday.

happy new year.

jumping people + dr. t + bukakke gone wild

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