today is friday the 13th.

fuck you friday the 13th.

very few things are going down today at the agency without a struggle. i hate it. i want to go home. i want to go home right now. i dont want to do anything but go home right this minute.

im on my lunch break. im writing you. i wrote the hottest girl here and sorta asked her what shes doing tomorrow. ok i did ask her what shes doing tomorrow. i asked her two other dumb questions. maybe she will think im dumb for asking. thats fine. i am dumb. and im dumb for asking.

i asked her if she liked scary movies and i asked her if she liked reggae.

i was invited to a birthday party tomorrow that im not sure if i can go to. but if i can i want to go with this gurl.

its a little more sunny here in la than its been but friday the thirteenth is here and doesnt want it to be too nice.

this is the month of gemini. things are supposed to be good this month. what the hell is happening?

i watched, and enjoyed the amazing race last night.

i have a new maid who should be in my apartment right now saying aye carumba!

the old maid was caught stealing.

she took my old mavica.

this new guy at the xbi followed her home and then went through her things and found some stolen rubber gloves, and coffee mugs from some restaurants. weird little things that cant bring in too much money, but some thieves are like that.

so many more interesting things for her to steal from my mansion and yet she didnt.

very odd.

people are so weird.

but fortunately theyre weird in super nice ways too.

but still, fuck you friday the thirteenth. today i miss karisa just that much more.

dc + splink + treacher

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