im sure you will be suprised to learn

that im totally against arresting female streakers.

i say let em streak. what could happen? the could get leered at? isnt that what they want?

now male streakers, i say we arrest them. it’s not right.

maybe there should be some on-the-spot public declaration of male streakers. perhaps once the authorities apprehend the man, the cop can put his hand over the man’s head and the audience can either boo or cheer. get enough cheers and the man will be let free to run around until he’s punched by a drunkard.

im not a fan of streakers who are advertising web sites. especially super hot women who plaster the busblog’s address all over their bodies.

57. dawn

being naked and free is one thing, but being a human billboard is another.

save that for nascar racers and bicyclists.

if you want to advertise on yourself and get peoples attention, just wear wet tshirts or see through clothes. duh.

have i told you that im addicted to Friendster?

i didnt know what it was at first, but this weekend i totally got into it and now im hooked.

i have over 69,500 people in my network.

when i pare it down to just hot chicks that live in la who are between 25-35 who want to date men i get 366 young ladies who may or may not know the 13 “friends” that i really do have.

69k people in my network after only a few days of clicking.

very strange. but very cool.

keep your eyes open, i have a feeling that Friendster will take off and do something very interesting. especially since theyre just in their beta.

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