it’s hard to root for the mighty ducks.

trouble starts every time you catch yourself rooting for a team called the mighty ducks.

then theres the fact that theyre an orange county hockey team.

fuck orange county, fuck hockey in orange county, fuck the ducks.

im into puck as much as the next guy, and in hollywood the next guy doesnt give a cluck about puck, and i give less.

i grew up in the midwest and my friends played hockey. i know hockey.

i was able to hang out with the girl who would be my first girlfriend because of hockey, so it’s not like i dont appreciate it. i do.

and because i do i feel weird rooting for the maroon and teal.

down with disney.

are they my hometown team? no.

the la kings are my hometown team.

eazy-e never wore a mighty ducks hat, therefore neither will i.

and shit.

in other news i still havent done my laundry.

in other news i love my tivo.

in other news i told the pretty girl at work that she missed out on a naked man by not going to the tsar show, she didnt seem all that impressed.

in other news, wormhog flowed the busblog ten bones.

57. wormhog

in other news my new best friend wants to send me more absinthe from overseas.

bless you, mysterious stranger.

yes, more please.

we took one down and passed it around, now theres only one bottle of absinthe one the wall.

why cant all of you send me wonderful gifts like my man did?

except for you, artistic woman who sent me two color photographs in a hand drawn envelope.

bless you too.

hell, bless you all.

even you mighty ducks of anaheim.

least intimidating sports franchise ive ever witnessed.

which may be their secret weapon.

that not so fresh feeling + lamelist + anti

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