eastern europe is in the house.

im feeling better this afternoon. im not sure whats wrong with me.

maybe its the month of gemini. im all crazy inside. im all happy happy sad sad. now im mellow mellow.

i still dont want to work.

im on a government mandated fifteen minute break so i can answer all of the fan mail that i have been getting.

the first piece of business is to answer the question as to why i am putting these beauty queens on here day after day after day after day. the answer is simple. it is to promote my favorite beauty pagent, the Miss Universe pagent.

many people have approached me and told me that the busblog is a pretty sweet marketing platform and i look at them and say whaaa?

then they stuff money in my pockets and tap me on the back and leave after whispering things like talk about this, or talk about that.

is this to insunate that the busblog can be bought? you bet your bottom dollar. its just zeros and ones hippies and if the ones go infront of the zeroes then alls good in the hood.

meanwhile enjoy the parade of smiling faces and imagine the possibilities.

people ask me if i will promote this or that and without the proper zeroes and ones the answer is no.

then the correct ones appear magically and they ask if i would be kind enough not to say fuck this or fuck that and i say maybe.

then more zeroes and ones appear and poof the curse words disappear.

dont call it a sellout, ive been selling out for years.

every day that i walk into a profession that im not totally in love with and do the work of the man while he laughs at my lack of courage to go for the gold is a sell out.

if somehow i can weave the will of one with the art of another, thats not selling out, thats just beautiful.

and if i can get paid, then thats fucking rad.

heres to making dreams come true.

next year it wont be free, mr. trump.

brian has a good picture of karisa + bitchen + shark bitten + kate sullivan makes me love rock

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